Jewell v. North Big Horn Hosp. Dist

In Jewell v. North Big Horn Hosp. Dist., 953 P.2d 135, 138 (Wyo. 1998), the employee of thirty years was commanding a large salary thanks to her longevity as well as overtime pay. "Because of budgetary problems, Jewell's overtime and her requests for a scheduled pay raise had caused a conflict between her and Chief Executive Officer Kellersberger. . . . Her overtime had also been the subject of discussion among Kellersberger's management team which viewed it as excessive and unwarranted." 953 P.2d at 136-37. Thus, the Jewell court concluded that "the record establishes that a jury could reasonably decide that Jewell was improperly discharged for the purpose of denying her a scheduled pay raise and other possible benefits associated with her longevity." 953 P.2d at 139.