Keehn v. Town of Torrington

In Keehn v. Town of Torrington, 834 P.2d 112 (Wyo. 1992), the duty arose out of a police-citizen contact during a traffic stop. In the course of the stop certain facts were observed that gave rise to a reasonable suspicion that the citizen was operating a motor vehicle while driving under the influence in violation of Wyoming statute. Towner was not operating a motor vehicle during the contact with Officer Mason. The Complaint contains no allegation that Towner informed Officer Mason that he had been driving that day or that he would be driving to the hospital. The Complaint does not allege that Officer Mason observed Towner approach, enter, or drive away in a motor vehicle. In short, there are no facts alleged that would have supported a reasonable suspicion that a DWUI had been or was going to be committed, which would have justified an investigatory detention of Towner.