Mayflower Restaurant Co. v. Griego

In Mayflower Restaurant Co. v. Griego, 741 P.2d 1106 (Wyo. 1987), the Court affirmed a jury verdict in favor of the plaintiff. In Mayflower, the plaintiff was threatened several times by another bar patron, who at one point grabbed the plaintiff's shirt. Later, the plaintiff was involved in another altercation in the bar with the same bar patron, resulting in injury to the plaintiff. The Court reiterated in Mayflower that a battle of words does not predict that a participant will resort to an unlawful assault and battery. However, the evidence indicated that the plaintiff had been grabbed by the bar patron during the initial confrontation and that the altercation was such that it attracted the attention of bar employees. The evidence also indicated that the initial disturbance was connected to the subsequent assault. Therefore, this Court concluded that there was sufficient evidence to affirm the jury verdict. Id. at 1113-14.