Parker v. Energy Development Co

In Parker v. Energy Development Co., 691 P.2d 981 (Wyo. 1984), the Court considered whether the worker's compensation statutes provided the only remedy even in an instance in which an employer's intentional or culpably negligent conduct resulted in injury to or death of a miner. Parker, 691 P.2d at 982. A single sentence capsulizes the essence of the law in this area: "We hold, then, that where the employee's injury occurs in a work-related situation, as it did here, and is in all other respects compensable, as it is here, the employer of the injured or deceased employee who is contributing to the compensation fund in behalf of the worker's account is absolutely immune from all common-law tort remedies arising out of the injury to or death of the employee-including causes of action for intentional tort or culpable negligence." (Parker, 691 P.2d at 985.)