Resor v. Resor

In Resor v. Resor, 987 P.2d 146 (Wyo. 1999) the Court addressed the issue of a primary custodian who intended to move following the divorce. The Court held that the district court did not abuse its discretion in allowing the mother custody even though she intended to move to Seattle, Washington. The Court said that our decisions precluded the court from keeping the mother from giving up her plans to relocate with the children. Id. at 150. The Court further stated: "It is unrealistic to assume that divorced parents will remain in the same location after dissolution of the marriage or to exert pressure on them to do so." Id. at 151. However, the differences between Germany and Seattle are significant. Importantly, the court is required to take geographic distance into consideration when making its initial custody determination. "Geographical relocation does not make a parent who has cared for the children less capable of maintaining parental responsibilities and obligations." Id. at 152.