Rowe v. State

In Rowe v. State, 974 P.2d 937 (Wyo. 1999), the Court was faced with the question of whether Wyo. Stat. Ann. 6-2-503 defined a specific intent crime. That statute, the child abuse statute, prohibits a person from "intentionally" inflicting physical or mental injury upon a child. In determining that the child abuse statute defined a general intent crime, this court wrote: "Historically this Court has equated the word 'intentionally' as synonymous with 'purposely,' 'deliberately,' 'knowingly,' 'voluntarily,' and 'consciously' in both criminal and civil cases." 974 P.2d at 940. In addition, the Court stated: "The child abuse statute contains no requirement that the accused intend any further act or future consequence, but merely requires that an accused intentionally or recklessly inflict physical injury." 974 P.2d at 939.