Sanchez v. Life Care Centers of America, Inc

In Sanchez v. Life Care Centers of America, Inc., 855 P.2d 1256 (Wyo. 1993), the employee appealed from an order granting summary judgment for the employer based on the finding that the disclaimer contained in the same handbook at issue here was conspicuous. Reversing the summary judgment, the Court said: "We determine that the disclaimer was not physically conspicuous and its contents were ambiguous in that there was language that inferred that Life Care intended to modify the at-will employment to an employment which could only be terminated for cause." 855 P.2d at 1259. The Court said further: "The meaning and effect of the employment relationship in this case, a mixed question of law and fact, remains unresolved. Therefore, we must reverse summary judgment. The case is remanded to the trial court for determination of whether the employee handbook modified the employment relationship from one terminable at will to one terminable only for cause." Id. at 1259-60.