Sinclair Trucking v. Bailey

In Sinclair Trucking v. Bailey, 848 P.2d 1349, 1352 (Wyo. 1993), the Court considered whether an employee had met his burden of proof on this same issue and our decision in that case supports Baxter's contention. Sinclair Trucking held that the employee had met his burden by submitting medical testimony that the working conditions had caused the employee's condition and this medical testimony properly allowed the hearing examiner to conclude that no outside hazard to which the employee had been "equally exposed" was the cause. 848 P.2d at 1353. "Although each of the five elements are specifically enumerated in the statute, they are closely related because each contributes to indicate whether the employment environment caused the injury. Therefore, the same evidence will often offer support to several of the elements." Sinclair Trucking, 848 P.2d at 1353.