State ex rel. Baker v. Strange

In State ex rel. Baker v. Strange, 960 P.2d 1016 (Wyo. 1998), the Bakers were landowners across the alley from Bob Lewis. Strange, the building inspector, issued Lewis a building permit to construct a building on his lot. After the structure was framed, the Bakers concluded that the structure violated sections of the applicable zoning ordinance. The Bakers then wrote a letter to Strange asking that he enforce the ordinance. Strange did not respond to the request, and the Bakers filed for a writ of mandamus seeking that Strange be required to enforce the zoning ordinance. The district court dismissed the action because the Bakers did not pursue administrative remedies. Baker, at 1017. In affirming the district court's order of dismissal the Court noted, at 1019, "the pertinent feature in this case is that, like the petitioner in State ex rel. Epp v. Mayor, 894 P.2d 590 (Wyo. 1995), the Bakers made no effort to pursue an available administrative remedy."