Tissino v. Mavrakis

In Tissino v. Mavrakis, 67 Wyo. 560, 228 P.2d 106 (1951), the Court held that the language of the statute requiring the platting of a subdivision, and the sale of lots in accordance therewith, constituted a public dedication of the streets which are shown upon the plat. A dedication of land affected by platting and sale of lots would operate by way of grant and without the necessity of acceptance by the public. 228 P.2d at 115. The Court also held that the platting and recording of a subdivision in accordance with the statutes resulted in the county or city acquiring fee title to all streets and ways set out therein. Id. The Court modified the Tissino holding in two later cases. Ruby Drilling Co., Inc. v. Billingsly, 660 P.2d 377, 380 (Wyo. 1983) (discussing Gay Johnson's Wyoming Automotive Service Co. v. City of Cheyenne, 367 P.2d 787 (Wyo. 1961), and Payne v. City of Laramie, 398 P.2d 557 (Wyo. 1965)).