Van Riper v. State

In Van Riper v. State, 999 P.2d 646 (Wyo. 2000) the Court held that restitution could only be ordered for those crimes the defendant pled guilty to or admitted in the plea agreement. Van Riper, 999 P.2d at 648. Mr. Van Riper was charged in one felony information with a single count of escape from official detention. A second felony information charged him with four counts of burglary, three counts of larceny, and one count of property destruction. He later pled guilty to escape and one count of burglarizing an aviation hangar. All other charges were dismissed. He was ordered to pay restitution not only for property taken from the aviation hangar, but also personal property taken from a stolen vehicle, and damage done to stolen vehicles, which were involved in the dismissed charges. The holding was based in part on the fact that, after the preliminary hearing, the district court dismissed the count charging him with larceny of those items.